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Queens 7 Hot Sauce is made with jalapeño peppers grown in community gardens and urban farms throughout Queens. These jalapeños are sourced locally at premium prices to provide a sustainable funding source to partner gardens. Each bottle purchased directly supports the great work of these community gardens.




This sauce captures all of the vibrant ingredients from Queens’ ethnic neighborhoods in one bottle: jalapeños spice up Mexican salsas in Corona, tomatoes are the base of Indian curries in Jackson Heights, and fish sauce adds the quintessential Asian flair in Flushing. Queen’s is truly the world’s borough.

Gardens & Growers

All of the following gardens received jalapeño pepper seedling at the beginning of the 2017 growing season. Many will sell their pepper crop yield back to make Queens 7 Hot Sauce although they are under no obligation to do so.


Rockaway Youth Task Force



Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger



Queens Botanical Garden



Queens County Farm Museum



John Bowne High School



Smiling Hogheads Ranch



Sunnyside Community Garden



Korean American Family Service Center Community Garden


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      Growing Jalapeños

      Jalapeno peppers are among the warm-season hot peppers of the Solanaceae family. Hot
      peppers, like jalapenos, need a long, warm growing season and grow best when planted outdoors as seedlings. You can enjoy fresh peppers or grow them to dry and use in your favorite dishes even if you do not have room for an outdoor garden.


      You can grow jalapenos outdoors, starting two to three weeks after the last spring frost. Jalapenos require full sun, which is at least six hours of sun daily, and well-drained soil amended with organic matter. The proper pH level for jalapenos is 6.0 to 6.8, so to adjust, add limestone if the pH is low and peat moss if it is higher than 6.8. Sow jalapeno seeds 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and space seeds or transplants 18 to 24 inches apart with two to three feet between rows. Water regularly to keep peppers evenly moist.



      Where do your peppers come from?

      Our peppers are grown in Community Gardens throughout Queens by community gardeners.

      At the beginning of each season, we donate pepper seedlings to these gardens. At harvest, we buy the fully mature peppers back from our gardeners at premium, fair trade prices.

      What type of peppers do you grow?

      The Queens 7 Hot Sauce is made from jalapeño peppers, hotter than poblanos, but milder than habaneros.

      Can I grow peppers for you?

      Our peppers are grown in community gardens throughout Queens. Please check out our list of gardens for more information about ways to get involved.

      Where can I buy the Queens 7 Hot Sauce?

      Check out the constantly updated list of retail locations on our website. Also you can purchase the Queens 7 Hot Sauce online. We ship everywhere in the world.

      How long does the Queens 7 Hot Sauce last?

      Unopened, our hot sauce has a shelf life of at least 18 months. Once opened, if it is refrigerated, it should still last another 6 months. But we guarantee you’ll finish it before then.

      What makes the Queens 7 Hot Sauce special?

      Queens 7 Hot Sauce is primarily a community development project dedicated developing
      and maintaining community gardens and green spaces throughout the Bronx. In addition, it is

      Where does the name come from?

      Our hot sauce has only seven all natural ingredients plus the jalapeno peppers.

      Queens 7 Hot Sauce is a perfect blend of many different ethnic flavors found in Queens: sweeter, tangier, and more savory than other hot sauces, allowing you to actually taste your food without simply overpowering it with spice.

      Our Team

      kingKing Phojanakong is at the forefront of the burgeoning Filipino food movement and is the chef-owner of Kuma Inn and Tito King’s Kitchen at Jimmy’s 43, in New York City. King is a NYC native whose culinary influences began at home with the inspirational cooking of his Filipino mother and Thai father. A Culinary Institute of America graduate who worked with Daniel Boulud at “ Daniel” and David Bouley at “The Danube”. Chef King has been featured in television programs including Cutthroat Kitchen, The Rachael Ray Show, Food(ography), Selling New York and Mike Colameco’s Real Food. King was a presenter at CIA’s Flavor, Quality and American Menus 2012, Worlds of Flavor 2013, Worlds of Flavor 2015 and Flavor Summit 2016.

      Off line he likes to spin old school hip hop, jam on his Fender Strat and play pinball with his daughter.

      GrowNYC is a hands-on non-profit which improves New York City’s quality of life through environmental programs that transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations. For more than 40 years, GrowNYC’s garden program has been building and sustaining community gardens, urban farms, school gardens, and rainwater harvesting systems across New York City.

      Small Axe Peppers is run by John A. Crotty, John Fitzgerald, Todd Snyder and Drew Doscher, four partners who share the central belief that successful communities are made, not by brick and mortar, but mutual collaboration. Our name comes from a Bob Marley song which embodies this central philosophy: “if you are the big tree, let me tell you that / we are the small axe, sharp and ready.” We believe large societal problems become solvable when everyone works together to do their small part. Small Axe Peppers empowers everyone to swing their own small axe.


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